I’m starting a newsletter about coffee

Podcasts are dead. Newsletters are now all the rage and in anticipation of the inevitable and lucrative acquisition of all newsletter platforms by Spotify, I’m starting a newsletter.

Platform: Substack

Topic: Coffee and other things

Name: Three Quarters Coffee

Price: Obviously free. It would be very cool for people to pay me to write this stuff but, for now, I won’t take the piss.

If you’re already completely sold, please do just go ahead and sign up.

Why coffee?

Those who have shared a kitchen or office space with me will know that I’m a coffee fan. This is not a new or cutting edge interest. But I don’t know of a good coffee newsletter and so I’m starting one. It’s not ideal for me as I would have preferred to have simply received a coffee newsletter and consumed it before archiving and never looking at it again. Alas, I am taking one for the team.

Why Three Quarters Coffee?

As anyone who has started a blog/newsletter/podcast will know of the eternal struggle of not choosing a wanky name for it. It’s quite difficult. So I decided to instead start by designing a logo for a nameless newsletter (Substack requires you to choose some kind of logo for your newsletter). So I fired up Figma and started playing around with some shapes. I had chosen my colour scheme early on (red and black) and so just needed to arrange them in a nice way. Eventually, I settled on the below when an appropriate a relatively non-wanky name came to mind.

Out of all of the wonderful tools included in Figma, I am so far only adept in creating basic circles and cutting chunks out of them. I created this pie chart-like logo with a black circle (to represent coffee, obviously) and it’s grown on me. I realised that the pie chart kinda also looks like one of those Pac-Man characters with an open mouth. So really, not only is it a pie chart with something representing coffee but it is a person drinking a levitating globule of coffee. And I liked that too. But crucially, the pie chart also displays ‘three quarters’. And so there you have it, Three Quarters Coffee.

Building on the three quarters theme, I decided that I will end each newsletter with some other piece of content – maybe something I’ve written that is non-coffee related or something else that I wish I was talented enough to write. We’ll see.

By this stage, I’m hoping it’s clear that A LOT of thinking has gone into this and so please acknowledge my efforts by signing up below. Three Quarters Coffee THE NEWSLETTER will arrive in your inbox every Sunday morning from 9th August 2020. Even if you don’t like it, it’ll be fully GDPR compliant and so therefore very easy to unsubscribe from on Sunday afternoon.

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